Specializing in a variety of traditional Jewish and contemporary American musical styles...

The Shtetlblasters is a multi-faceted musical ensemble that specializes in weddings, B'nai Mitzvah, and special events.  The group's repertoire spans many styles and generations.  The band is equally at home playing high-energy traditional Israeli folk dance music, soulful R&B dance hits, and big band tunes from the Glenn Miller/Duke Ellington era! 

The Shtetlblasters
was founded in 1992 by pianist Michael Gill and is comprised of talented musicians from around the San Francisco Bay Area.

The word Shtetlblasters is a play on the word "ghettoblaster", a slang term for a portable tape player or "boombox."  The Shtetl is the word for the Eastern European Jewish villages where so much of our soulful music, including Klezmer, originated in centuries past.

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Musicians from the Shtetlblasters also perform as ADAMA and as WITH A TWIST.

San Francisco Bay Area's Versatile Jewish Wedding Band plays rock, rhythm & blues (R&B), funk, and jazz along with the best of all styles of Jewish music.